What is a Jet Rib or Rib Tender?

A jet rib - or Rib tender as they are commonly known, is an impeller or propeller driven craft  (jet=impeller..outboard/inboard=propeller) built with with inflatable tubes around a solid hull 'chassis'. Apart from recreational usage ie. water skiing etc.., they are used as tenders to larger craft, normally ocean going yachts.

Many yachts have lift up 'garages' designed to house their tenders and other craft have Davits and Passerelles which suspend the tender. Either way, of key concern when considering a tender is the weight. The lighter the tender, the more desirable it becomes. Couple that with a jet rib or rib tender that outperforms its rivals on the water - and looks the part - and you have a winning combination!

BWM jet ribs are extremely light (less than 200kgs dry weight), yet undeniably strong. BWM jet rib customers can add all their equipment and fuel the require for a day out at sea knowig there will be no issues pulling the jet rib out of the water without strainig their yachts lifting mechanism.

BWM Jet ribs and rib tenders come in various sizes, catering for almost any yacht garage and passenger requirements.