Jet Tenders

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Weight - This is an important factor that people looking to acquire a Jet Tender have to consider, as most “Davits” and “Passerelles” can only manage some 300kgs of lifting weight.

Other Jet Tenders are all over 300kgs dry weight, with the fuel and other equipment added this will cause problems for the lifting equipment. The other consideration is the suction of the water as the weight of the jet tender will have a tendency to stick to the water (suction) until some of the hull is out of the water. It is only then that the “suction” is released to provide a clean lift.

The BWM 'Carbonlite' Jet Tenders are not only very strong but also light (less than 200kgs dry weight) which will allow the customer to add all of the equipment and fuel they  need for a day out at sea and upon return there will be no issues pulling the Jet Tender out of the water as the lifting mechanism will not be strained.

The 'Carbonlite' hull is strong, light and looks good too, with the Stainless Steel keel guard (that comes as standard), adding extra strength to the bow area that allows the user to drive the craft directly onto a sandy beach (but not a shingle area as this may damage the impeller) or if the user accidentally bumps into a dock the keel guard will protect the bow. The main benefit to the stainless steel keel guard is hitting unwanted debris in the water, especially at speed.

All BWM Jet Tenders are BESPOKE......... so they are all designed to match the Yacht they are to be married to – a mini version of the Yacht complete with the Yacht logo/name and colour coordinated, to the extent that BWM will purchase the matching gel coat from the main boat manufacture so it will be a perfect match. 

As most Upholstery Foams that are used in the marine industry hold water which is near-on impossible to remove. BWM produce their upholstery with a special foam containing small holes that allows water through. As weight is important normal foams can hold as much as 15kg, you also keep a dry seat for extra comfort. Even the steering wheel is constructed this way as the holes allow more grip. The seats are held down by specially made clips that can be lifted for easy access but sturdy enough that when clipped into place cannot move for safety purposes.

Hypalon Tubes are really important as they are one of the main parts of a Rib. PVC tubes are not strong enough for the constant use they take from the harsh seawater or from rubbing up against other craft or docks. The Hypalon material is also impervious to “UV” light, whereas PVC tubes will degrade and dis-colour over time in the sunshine. Hypalon will outlast PVC for up to 10 years longer. With the choice of “Fabric Impression” tubes it will give a non slip surface, extra durability and a feel of quality.

Fitted with the “Teardrop” Rubbing Strake this will protect the tubes as they act like bumper. With Pressure Relief Valves (fitted as standard), this will protect the tubes from extreme heat. As the sun heats up the air inside the tubes this will make the tube chamber expand and will eventually blow at the weakest point, making the craft unusable. With the pressure relief valves they will take the unwanted air out of the chamber when the air reaches 2.5bar.

Handles on the front of the tubes, which double up as cleats and with the “pop up” stainless steel cleats to the rear will enable the user to tie up the Rib from both the front and rear.

The specially adapted Teleflex “chunky” Throttle Leaver gives the user a sense of control as they can grip the large handle with ease. With the locking button, for safety, conveniently placed under the thumb area the user will be able to move from neutral to forward/reverse with one moving action. When the throttle control is in the neutral position the craft is designed to stay stationary, as the reverse bucket is held over the steering nozzle which not only keeps the Rib in a stationery position but provides a stable platform for your passengers getting on and off the craft.

Next to the throttle control is the lanyard (or cut out switch) for safety. This attaches to the users wrist which gives plenty of maneuverability for the user as it is close to the steering wheel.

Everything that salt water can erode is either made from a non corrosive material or stainless steel. The wiring looms on BWM jet tenders are also made this way. The wire sockets are plastic with non corrosive fittings and the wire itself is tin which does not corrode through salt water (the tinned wiring comes with a lifetime guarantee). It is a misconception that if the wiring and other ancillary wired parts are put out of reach from the salt water this would be an ideal solution – far from it as there is salt in the air so eventually the circulating air will erode wire and other parts that are not produced from non corrosive material.

A unique feature of the BWM Jet Tender .....  is the Navigational Lights as they are set into the air vents on the furthest point of the boat so the user can be seen at night. This is important as if you have passengers (which is most likely) they can unwittingly mask the navigational lights and you will not be seen by other boat users. 

All of the lights are very bright LED. Red & Green for the navigational lights and a line of white LED’s at the rear which can be seen far more than the standard bulb or digital unit. As the lights are housed in the air ducts the air flow keeps the lights cool, but also allows the air flow in one duct and (connected to a bilge blower) vent the engine bay, which allows the air flow to exhume from the opposite duct.

The BWM Jet Tender has two built in Bilges and a Scupper System to remove any water ingress, without the need for the user to mess around with bungs that can be lost or damaged, which would render the craft unusable, as water would pour into the missing bung hole.

The first bilge is an electrically powered Bilge on a “Float Switch” so if the Rib is not in use but is left in the rain without a cover the float switch would automatically cut in at the sign of water. This is also the case if water goes onto the deck as there are convenient drainage holes throughout the deck area which are piped to the float switch; this bilge outlet is housed at the rear of the Rib where it is finally disposed of. There is also an override switch on the console if the user feels that the float switch is not coming on fast enough. The second is a mechanical bilge strainer housed under the engine at the lowest point of the hull. 

Any water ingress that manages to find its way into the hull of the Rib will be pumped out. This bilge strainer will only work when the engine is running as it works from a vacuum from the jet pump. This is important, as if anything whatsoever should happen to the electrical system or if the electrical bilge pump should fail this bilge strainer will always dispose of any water ingress. 

There are also two rear bungs that can be unscrewed and left loose whilst the Rib is not in use and sat on the deck or garage of the larger Motor Yacht.

The BWM had the unique “non slip” Real Teak Decking installed into the deck area on all of their Ribs as standard. This unique material can be cleaned like new regardless of what product is dropped onto it. If spillages like petrol or oil are accidentally spilt onto this deck simply let it dry out and rub with medium course glass paper and the decking will come up like new.

The stylish console is designed to overlap itself, creating a seal between the console and the deck to omit water ingress. It is also fastened down with a lockable safety catch and the two stainless steel hydraulic rams allow for easy opening. 

The console houses the computer controlled digital display unit with multi function warning system which includes;  
  • Speedometer (that can be converted from mph to kph).
  • A Limit Mode function (that reduces the power output for the not so experienced user), bringing down the horsepower from 135 to 80 therefore reducing the speed.
  • Digital Immobiliser for security (the engine management system can be immobilised by the user to prevent theft)
  • Oil and Temperature Light and Warning Buzzer
  • Fuel Gauge and Low Fuel Warning Light and Buzzer. 
  • Also on the consol are the waterproof switches that light up when the Navigational Switch Lights are on
  • Integral Horn
  • Over ride for the Bilge and Bilge Blower (removing any stale fumes from the engine bay).
BWM Jet Tenders are fitted with a sealed 20aph 12V Gel Battery (as standard) but importantly, incorporated into the wiring/battery system is a Battery Conditioner. This is to keep your battery “topped up” when left for long periods of time not in use. Simply plug the adaptor into your mains or power source and the system will know when the battery needs a little boost. This is hidden away into the Isolator Cut Off Switch Flap. 

There is also a 12v Socket with spare plugs so the user can take accessories onboard like an electric pump (for blowing up inflatable toys), a lead light or even a charger for a mobile phone.

The large fuel filler is housed under the seat for safety, incorporating a spillage cup to cope with any overfilling and spillages, a breather pipe is located out of harms way and out of sight. The overflow pipe has a one way valve (to stop any water ingress) and the outlet is located on the outside of the Rib for safety reasons.

The Pump itself is a 155mm Axial Flow Direct Drive, Stainless Steel Shaft with a three blade Stainless Steel Impeller. Uniquely there are three choices of impeller if the user decides to promote a faster “top end” or a lower “take off” there is an impeller to suit this requirement.

The most important feature of this incredible craft is the ultra reliable Honda 4 stroke, 1235cc, 135HP liquid cooled, dry-sump 4-cylinder engine. All of the service parts are easily accessible and readily available throughout any Honda World Wide service network.

All BWM Jet Tenders have no sharp edges, there are no screws, unwanted nuts, bolts or vents visible that add to the style and clean lines of this craft, even the stainless steel towing eye is flush.

Available in the colour of your choice and fitted with top quality items. All stainless steel fittings are 316 grade, no other Jet Tender comes close to the quality or that caters for the needs or the features that provide the user with a trouble free functional craft that is not only the fastest, best handling, user friendly item that is a must for anyone that has a need for such a versatile boat.

BWM Jet Tenders are also designed to fit into most Motor Boat garages as our professional designer has cleverly kept the jet tender narrow, but without compromising the comfort as some of the tube width is integral to the hull and deck. Professionally fixed onto the craft, the tubes will not leak or come off under adverse conditions.

The Honda engine gives this boat plenty of torque enough to pull waterskiers, wakeboarders, any inflatable toys and will even pull your Motor Yacht if in the unlikely circumstances that it breaks down at sea – a true Auxiliary Tender!